William Lawson Photography

Nothing quite like it. Everything you need for a few days on your back - plus too much extra weight in camera gear. Solitude. Waking up to crazy views out of your tent. Perspective on everyday life.


North Peak | Sunrise on North Peak in 20 Lakes Basin. It was such a cool experience to be here shortly after the roads opened and there was still snow on many of the lakes.


North Peak | A partial break in the clouds in 20 Lakes Basin.


Backcountry View | Love getting out of the sleeping bag, walking 200 feet and seeing this.


Illuminated Island | First light on this small island in a backcountry lake. Yosemite.


Lake's Edge | A peaceful sunset scene in Yosemite.

Second Lake

Second Lake | First light and reflection. Big Pine Lakes Basin.


Fire and Ice | North Peak reflects in an ice covered Cascade Lake. 20 Lakes Basin.


North Peak | Sunrise on North Peak in 20 Lakes Basin.


The Welcoming | Sunrise on North Peak after arriving at 20 Lakes Basin in the dark the night before.


Sunset Mirror | Sunset in Twenty Lakes Basin.


Mirror | Morning light on three rocks. Twenty Lakes Basin. Caught my eye. Probably would have made more sense to be photographing North Peak.