William Lawson Photography

Some favorites. Kind of an odd, often changing collection. But I like seeing other photographers favorite images, so here are mine:

LaJolla Potholes In Surf

Potholes in Surf | Potholes sit just above the surf on a perfectly timed visit to this now popular spot in La Jolla.


Ocean Rain | Rain falls into the ocean on an unusual San Diego day.


Illuminated Island | First light on a small island in a backcountry lake. Yosemite.


The Welcoming | Sunrise on North Peak after arriving at 20 Lakes Basin in the dark the night before.


Above the Fog | Sunset above the fog on Palomar Mountain.

Laguna Fall Above 1

Change of Perspective | An aerial view of a west facing slope of trees catching sunset light. Mount Laguna.


Double Rainbow | Not an everyday sight in San Diego. A double rainbow briefly appears above the San Diego River Gorge.


Shining Through | Sunlight breaks through an overcast day and lights up the San Diego River Gorge. Conditions didn't look promising for most of the hour and a half drive through rain and fog to the trailhead. But right around the time we started hiking we could see small breaks in the clouds. And then around the time we reached Eagle Peak the sky started to open up.


Superbloom | A beautiful Southern California wildflower display.


Fleeting View | The sun breaks through clouds on a beautiful spring day. Cleveland National Forest near Ramona.


Hurricane Ridge | In between heavy rain showers. Olympic National Park.


Tangled | A trail through moss covered trees in Sonoma County on a cool winter morning.


Mud Hills | Maybe my favorite place in Anza Borrego. No obvious, iconic landmarks. Just endlessly interesting patterns.


Sunrise at Fonts | Morning light on the badlands and local mountains from Anza Borrego's iconic viewpoint.

Laguna Summer Storm 1

Summer Storm | Rain showers over the local mountains and desert.


Sunset Glow | A beautiful winter sunset at Torrey Pines.