William Lawson Photography

The beach. Probably the image that comes to mind when many people think of San Diego. Not really my thing. But no denying that at the right time it is a beautiful place. The right time = not a sunny day surronded by thousands of people.


Low Tide Mirror | Love going here at a super low tide. It's a great view back towards the cliffs and on this day the sun peeked through the clouds right before sunset. Many know that this is also a nude beach. And I did use some Photoshop magic to clone out a naked guy (common) side planking (???) along the right edge of this picture.


Blacks | Low tide below the gliderport. Cloned out numerous people. Color wheel opposites in effect.


Sunset Glow | A beautiful winter sunset at Torrey Pines. Love these sand patterns too.


Sunset Glow II | Photographed a few minutes before the picture above. A good editor would probably make a choice and only show one of the two. But not me.


Razor | A classic view of the San Diego coastal cliffs. Got that window in the clouds right at sunset that I always hope for.


The Gliderport | Need to go for a ride one of these days.


Peaceful | A quiet weekday sunset near Torrey Pines. About as remote as you can get along the San Diego coast. There was only one person in the distance in this photo - feel a little bad for cloning him out.


Smooth | Well past sunset. When the camera sees more than we do. Fun to experiment with different shutter speeds. I like the texture similarity between the surf and clouds. Wet walk back to the car, but only from the knees down.

LaJolla Potholes Silk

Silk | A five second exposure gives a silky look to these potholes as the surf washes over. La Jolla.

LaJolla Potholes In Surf

Potholes in Surf | Potholes sit just above the surf on a perfectly timed visit to this now popular spot in La Jolla. Also the only picture I've ever had displayed at a museum.


Spring Storm | Rain falls into the ocean on an unusual San Diego day. I like how this shutter speed gives a the waves a texture similar to the clouds. Torrey Pines.


Ocean Rain | Rain falls into the ocean on an unusual San Diego day. It was a dark walk back to the car. But I didn't get rained on. Torrey Pines.


Sand Patterns | Low tide sand patterns. Probably look like an idiot bent over photographing this stuff. But these patterns are super interesting to me. Need to remember to stand up and straighten out my back occasionally. Torrey Pines.


High Frequency | Low tide sand patterns. Torrey Pines.


Sand Patterns | Low tide sand patterns. Usually I'm moving in and out with the surf. These beaches are popular and the ocean is a good eraser of footprints. But I luckily found this footprint free pattern away from the surf. Torrey Pines.


Sand Patterns | Low tide sand patterns. Trying to hold back and not show too many of these. Torrey Pines.


Golden Glow | Sunset glow on wet sand. Love watching these patterns appear and disappear with each wave cycle. Torrey Pines State Beach.


Glowing Sand | Last light softened by a thin layer of clouds. Wet sand. Was into the bird foot prints and a little bit of sea foam.


Torrey Pines | Torrey Pines State Reserve is magic in the fog.


Fleeting | Sunlight burning through a thin layer of fog. San Clemente Canyon.


Breaking Through | Light breaks through the fog in San Clemente Canyon.


Torrey Pine Silhouettes | Right as the fog was burning off at Torrey Pines State Reserve.


Cloud Reflection | Cloud reflection in wet sand. Shot on film (if you shoot something on film it is a requirement that you tell everyone it was shot on film - super important :).


Sunset Reflections | Sunset reflection in wet sand. Shot on film (see caption for previous picture ;).


Sunset Waves | Looking down at the ocean at sunset.